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Secure your entertainment now with our quick and easy online deposit

Please select correct deposit and ensure you enter the same details provided at time of booking so we can verify your deposit as received and paid for:



SinCal Party Entertainment - 1) takes no responsibility for any damage or injury caused directly or indirectly through their services, 2) reserves the right to leave any event should their safety feel compromised in any way with no possibility of a refund for services not completed, 3) reserves the right to use any still or video photography captured, 4) reserves the right to request periofs of no still or video photography, 5) requests all guests are over the age of 21 years old, 6) does not condone excessive drinking or any drug taking whatsoever, 7) requests that guests treat all SinCal Entertainers with respect, 8) requests you understand nudity may be present in some bookings, 9) takes no responsibility for any issues with respect to the services offered by a supplying venue including but not limited to service, injury and meals or beverages, 10) requests that you understand there is likely to be moments of nudity by performers and contact between performers and guests, this is purely part of the performance and is not meant in any sexually inappropriate way, 11) ask you to advise when booking a male stripper or female stripper if there is any specific requirements that should be passed on, such as a pregnant guest or issues with contact as there is some physical contact between the performers and guests, 12) requests you understand that your booking is no way confirmed until a deposit has been paid and received, 13) requests that you understand if you do not pay the remaining amount by the due date details on invoice or payments to the entertainer on arrival that we reserve refusal of entertainment and the right to cancel your booking with no refund of deposit, 14) requests that you understand the venues and waiters operate strictly under responsible service of alcohol regulations and when booking waiters and waitresses through SinCal Entertainment we must adhere to these legal requirements, if you are believed to be intoxicated we reserve the right to refuse service with no option of refund, 15) requests that you understand that at least 30-45 minutes notice is required before an event to ensure that entertainers can arrive on time to your booking and that sometimes entertainers may be delayed by up to 30 minutes due to traffic or weather conditions especially in remote or rural locations, but will always turn up and perform at your event as booked and paid for, 16) requests that you advise if there is any reception issues at the party location and also if there is any access comments like dirt roads or no parking, 17) requests that you understand your deposit has confirmed a time and location as well as the number of SinCal Entertainers for your event (either 1 entertainer, 2 entertainers or 3 entertainers) and if your booking changes from this, we will do our best to accommodate, however we do reserve the right to cancel your booking without the refund of your deposit if you move your time and location to something we cannot accommodate, 18) failing to pay the correct deposit for your booking will result in your deposit being kept as a cancellation fee and not refunded, please make sure you pay the correct deposit at time of booking.

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