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7 Tips To Choose The Best Party Strippers In California

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

The Best Party Strippers in California, Sincal Party Entertainment

Getting Married? Having a Night Out On The Town? Celebrating Graduation, Divorce or just doing something different with your Friends?

Female Party Strippers generally is not the first thing that most people think of when they plan a night out on the town or a night in with their close friends and family when it comes to entertainment, but at SinCal Party Entertainment - we are renowned throughout Southern California and Northern California for providing the hottest Female Strippers for the best events including Night Clubs, Product Launches and more!

SinCal Girls are highly entertaining and engaging creating lasting memories and a fun way to celebrate, regardless of the occasion - when you book Female Party Strippers from Sincal Party Entertainment you are working with professional party experts.

Here are 7 Tops for making your next party memorable!

1. Decide: Strip Club or Private Party?

Before you plan where your fabulous party takes place, decide if you want this to occur in a strip club or a hotel room. There are benefits and cons to both.

When going to a strip club be aware:

  • You won’t always get the stripper of your choice since there are other customers

  • Other parties could occur at the same time as yours

  • You’ll spend more getting people in and getting a VIP area so you’re apart from the rest of the crowd

On the positive side:

  • There are many different ladies all performing at the same time

  • No shortage of drinks with a professional bartender

  • Always something happening on (and off) stage

A private party that you have in a hotel room, a private function venue or at home:

  • You choose the best Female Party Stripper for your event

  • Your SinCal Entertainers focus on you and your group, no distractions

  • Your SinCal Stripper offer tricks or dances that they can't do at the clubs!

Some of the cons include:

  • There cost may be a little more

  • Your chosen entertainers will have to leave at a certain point

Think about what you and your party want to experience. Do you want to keep the party going for a long time? Or would you rather have personalised attention? Both can be achieved at SinCal Party Entertainment all you have to do is ask our friendly team.

Bella, Sincal Party Entertainment Stripper

2. Book The Best Strippers In California.

If you’re going to a strip club, you don’t have much choice when it comes to booking a dancer. There are usually many beautiful ladies if you go during a weekend night, but it’s hard to get that promised - because they all work independently and do not have to turn up on the day you plan on going for a visit.

If you’re looking for a specific girl, you can talk with an Adult Entertainment Agency just like us at SinCal Party Entertainment where we have an extensive roster of professional Female Party Strippers and Adult Entertainers who fit what you are looking for and the type of event you are needing entertainment.

The best strippers are more than just a combination of hair color, measurements, and cute outfits. Female Strippers entertain, tell jokes, and even play games that the guests and person of honor find enjoyable.

When you are looking to book a Female Stripper for your party, you should be considering these important points:

  • What the person of honor is looking for

  • What types of games the strippers will play

  • If the Female Party Stripper specialize in anything fun

  • What type of shows, raunchy or cheeky are available for your party

If you want more than one stripper, it is important that you book well in advance. At SinCal Party Entertainment our Female Strippers are in demand and get booked fast!

Vixen, SinCal Party Entertainment Stripper

3. Know The Cost and How To Pay.

Cost is something you can’t skimp on when going with a luxury such as a Female Party Stripper. The best Female Strippers don’t come cheap, so it is important to get an understanding of the price before you book anything.

At Sincal Party Entertainment we guarantee that our Female Strippers will be on time and always look like their photographs - so what you see is what you get; it is why we are the #1 Adult Entertainment Agency in California.

We recommend that you call in advance before you plan your party out, so you’re aware of the price. If this is a party where you and others are going all in, you need to know the cost before you can book so you gather funds.

Factors that influence cost include:

  • How many Female Party Strippers you want

  • What night you are booking your entertainer for

  • How long you want to have the entertainer at your event

  • Where your event is located (sometimes a travel fee will apply)

It is important that you understand what to look for, so you can adjust the cost or have others pitch in paying for the night.

4. Never Cross The Line.

When it comes to having the Best Strippers in California put on a show for you, it’s imperative you don’t cross the line. Someone at SinCal Party Entertainment that hires out strippers (for example) or the stripper herself should let you know what is and is not acceptable behavior while she’s performing.

We are very transparent with all of our clients when they book entertainment so they know what to expect.

Your dancer might ask that there’s no touching, may not play certain games, and may not take everything off, depending on the rules of the agency, and her own rules. Respect your Female Party Stripper. She wants you to have a good time, but you need to be aware of her limits.

Asshley, Sincal Party Entertainment Stripper

5. Tipping Is Not Optional.

Tipping is crucial for people that work in the service industry, and strippers are no different than any other service professional. Keep in mind a stripper’s services are unique, unlike other service professionals.

The higher tips you offer and the more you offer, your stripper will go out and provide the best show. If you’re stingy, she may end early.

At Sincal Party Entertainment we are transparent with our pricing so you know the cost upfront before you book. We charge a call out fee for our entertainers inclusive of the booking fee and a travel fee may apply if your event is out of area and our Female Party Strippers need to travel a long distance. You then tip the entertainer during their time at your event and expect to experience the hottest entertainment of your life!

6. Always Be Polite.

In the Adult Entertainment Industry, it’s easy for people to think that entertainers are not the same as everyone else they encounter. Rest assured, strippers are people with feelings and thoughts just like anyone else.

Please be polite and kind to the entertainer you’ve hired. She will see you as a genuine person and ensure that you and your party have a fun time.

SinCal Party Entertainment, Hottest Strippers in California

7. Let Us Help You Get The Best Strippers!

At SinCal Party Entertainment our entertainers and booking consultants are experienced experts in providing quality entertainment to all types of parties and events. From small gatherings to large corporate events and promotions, our Female Strippers and Promotional Models are looking forward to entertaining you and your guests.

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