#1 Female Strippers and Strip Shows in California For Parties State-Wide!

SINCAL Party Entertainment boasts the #1 Full Nude Striptease, Topless Striptease, XXX and R-Rated Nude Strip Shows in California who will tempt you with their acrobatic skills and charm that is sure to awaken your darkest and deepest desires - simply too hot to handle!

Our Female Strippers are premium quality with high level acrobatic skills and all of our entertainers are punctual, professionally trained - that means you will be impressed with every SinCal Girl we send to your party,

Our SinCal Girls are the hottest Californian Strippers and are willing to pull out all the tricks to make certain your night is one for the history books. Whether it’s a tame Topless Striptease for the birthday boys rite of passage whose has just turned 18, or a full on raunchy double vibe performed by two gorgeous X-Rated Strippers which is bound to absolutely blow your mind, our sexy SinCal Female Strippers are well equipped in knowing what guys like you like.

At Sincal Party Entertainment, we specifically hand select our Female Strippers in North California and Female Strippers in South California to fit the criteria of a SinCal Girl, to bring you the very best in Female Party Strippers in California; maintaining highest standard and ensuring every expectations is met (if not exceeded!).


Not all SinCal Girls are advertised on our site due to privacy reasons.

Meet some of our most popular Female Party Strippers who are ready to turn up the heat and entertain you at your next event in Northern California and Southern California:

  • Anastasia


    Height: 5'3

    Bust: 34C

    I love to make sure my customers turn up! I also enjoy pole dancing .

  • Sophia




    My goal is to own an animal rescue farm. I enjoy planting and yoga.

  • Nunu

    Age :33

    Height 5'1

    Bust: 34D

    I love modeling and designing my own swim suits and i am working to be a successful travel agent in my business

  • Carmen

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'8

    Bust: 34C

    I am a aspiring esthetician, love the outdoors and i pair really well with Desiree!

  • Delilah

    Age: 21

    Height: 5'4

    Bust: 32D

    I enjoy cooking singing and working out

  • Bubbles


    Height: N/A

    Bust: N/A


  • Geenie

    Age : 22

    Height: 5'2

    Bust 34D

    I'm interested in making money baby thats why i'm here!

  • Cali

    Age: 33

    Height: 5'7

    Bust: 34 DD

    I love dancing and lingerie shopping

  • Bonnie

    Age: 19

    Height: 5'2

    Bust: 34C

    I enjoy listening to music and traveling.

  • Violet

    Age: 23

    Height: 5'6

    Bust: 34C

    Making Art, Making Music , dancing, Burning Man and travel.

  • Nikki

    Age: 23

    Height: 5'5


    I like to work out and travel

  • Envy

    Age: 24

    Height: 5'4

    Bust: 34C

    I love pole fitness, being outdoors and practicing skin care.

  • Ty'Jahne

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'8

    Bust: 38DD

    I love dancing, hiking and traveling.

  • Desiree

    Age: 25

    Height: 5'4

    Bust: 32B

    I am going to esthetician school and enjoy working with Carmen!

  • Lola

    Age: 26

    Height: 5'2

    Bust: 32DD

    I love food, dancing and traveling.

  • Chloe

    Age: 28

    Height: 5'1

    Bust: 34C

    I love spending time with my kiddo and making money so i can provide the world to her!

  • Merci

    Age: 20

    Height: 5'4

    Bust: 34D

    I have a passion for all forms of art, gardening and giving back to the community.

  • Luna

    Age: 22

    Height: 5'2

    Bust: 34A

    I love getting dressed up in costume for my shows ! I have latex, military, swat and more!

  • Ivy

    Age: 25

    Height: 5'5

    Bust: 34B

    I love dancing, traveling and doing make up.

  • Diamond

    Age: 24

    Height: 5'1

    Bust: 36C

    I love twerking, soul food and weed.

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