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  • How long do they stay for?
    Our entertainers stay a minimum of 1 hour. That being said, as long as you and/or the party is/are participating, tipping, and being respectful, there is no time limit and they can stay as long as you would like.
  • What payments do you accept?
    We have company Cashapp, Venmo, Zelle, ApplePay and we accept any card payment through our Merchant Service.
  • Do I have to pay upfront?
    To book a strip show we only require a deposit. The remaining balance due must be paid upon the entertainer's arrival. You have the option to pay the entire fee upfront but it is not a requirement.
  • What are the entertainers guidelines for private shows and parties?
    ​ 1) YOU GOTTA PAY TO PLAY Wise words from a client that I sincerely hope one day reads that his words still live on. Tipping is so important it has its own section on the site. Tipping makes for a great show. So don't show up to the party if your not ready to tip. ​ 2) TOUCHING All love in the Haus of SinCal Ladies and Gents. We like to keep the "Merchandise" in "Brand New" condition. The next show shouldn't see your hand prints or see any love marks. This is no competition so any spanking must be done in a playful gentle manner. Please Be Respectful. ​ 3) NO PHONES. NO CAMERAS As much as we are flattered that you may want a photo or video of us we ask that you keep in mind all shows are fully nude and it is at the discretion of the dancer if she/ he would like to let you take photos of them before clothes come off. We have day jobs and families too so we take this one very seriously. There will be no refunds if a dancer decides to leave after this rule is broken more than once. ​ 4) ABSOLUTELY NO PENETRATION We are entertainers, we are strippers; shit sometimes we are therapists, but if there is one thing we are's prostitutes. SO, you have been warned. There is no penetration of any sort (fingers, tongues , D****,etc.) Unless of course....You are watching the entertainer perform a Toy Show. We value morals and having immaculate health and hygiene so please DON'T be offended if your entertainer says no to any "Acts of service" you would like to impose. ​ ​ 5) NO LICKING OR BITING Wanna lick something?...Go get a lollipop. Wanna bite something?...go get some gum. It is not sexy and nobody enjoys seeing marks on skin that could be flawless. Enjoy the view and keep your mouth to yourself. ​ 6) DON'T TAKE OUR CLOTHES OFF... WE WILL! Patience is a virtue. There is no rush. Clothes are coming off and will remain off so please, please, please.... let us put on a SHOW and strip-tease. It's a part of the fun and fantasy. Plus there is a moment in the show where we play a naughty game and this is when panties come off...DON'T RUIN IT by jumping ahead of yourselves..for first timers this moment is one of the best and most enjoyable moments of the show. ​ ​ 7) DO ENGAGE Time is MONEY baby! So please don't waste it! Whether you knew what you were getting into or not, if you have been chosen by the entertainer or your peers to be a volunteer in any point of the show don't be shy. Enjoy the experience as it may never come your way again. All the time your friends spend trying to get you out of your seat could be spent its just fucking Rude. ​ ​ 8) PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND PICK US UP I can't tell you how many times i personally have been dropped by drunk people who think standing up with me and trying out their own acrobatic tricks is a good idea while drunk. It's not..moving on. ​ 9) PLEASE KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON We may take em off but please leave that is up to us. ​ ​ 10) WEAVE IT ALONE Some of us may have extensions...Please "weave" it alone and don't pull our hair..we may have paid a lot for it ; )
  • Do I tip the Dancers on top of my fee?
    STRIPPER TIPPING ETIQUETTE ​ ​ WHAT WE RECOMMEND AS A STANDARD We recommend that each guest brings at least $100 to exchange out for $1's..just as if they were at a strip club. We accept all major forms of Debit and Credit so don't worry if you forgot to grab cash you can purchase cash from your dancer before she starts her show. ​
  • Can I pick my entertainer?
    If you are booking ahead we can absolutely have you pick out a few of what your preferred entertainers are to choose from. When you give us a few options and you are booking ahead, we are normally able to make it happen for you. We also want to reassure you that we do not send low-quality and unprofessional dancers. All of our entertainers are professional and well-trained, as well as screened by the agency.
  • Are the dancers on your website real?
    We take pride in only putting real pictures and videos of real girls. You will notice, if you frequent our website, that the profiles are updated regularly and this is because we only keep the entertainers that are currently working with us up on our website. Be wary of websites where the pictures look too good to be true…and pricing is low. In real life, would the most gorgeous woman you have ever seen, take their clothes off for you for $100 bucks? Probably not. Anyone charging $300 or less for 2 girls is cheap and you get what you pay for.
  • What do I need to have ready for the entertainers to provide a good show?
    Most important is respect and tips. These guarantee the length and quality of your show. It benefits the party and the entertainer if you have a basic metal folding chair, more specifically a chair with no arms. This makes for the best lap dances. Having a room (preferably a clean restroom) for the entertainers to get changed when they get ther. Please have the remaining balance ready to be paid to them prior to them starting their show. Our dancers will come with their own speaker and $1’s to exchange for bigger bills if needed. We do recommend you have both as well.
  • Can they stay the night?
    There is no time limit but we make no commitments to booking an entertainer for “all night”.
  • Will I get a refund if the dancers don’t show up?
    This is situational and must be discussed with management. In short, if this is due to the Agency or it’s contracted entertainers then yes the 10 years we have been in business this has only happened a handful of times but if it has happened on our end we immediately would issue a refund. If the fault lies with you for whatever reason then the deposit would be garnished.
  • Do they get fully nude?
    Yes, but this will require you to tip them to make sure this happens.
  • It’s not the dancer I picked?
    Unfortunately, we can not always guarantee that you will get the entertainer you picked, although it is something we pride ourselves in making happen as often as possible. We can however guarantee that the entertainers we send will be from our website and that your party will have an amazing time. Many different factors go into this process; such as an entertainer's booking schedule, how far in advance you booked, an entertainer's location compared to your party, and if the entertainers you picked work well together. After 10 years of experience, we recommend you let us know what is important to you as far as your show goes and what qualities you are looking for. Let us professionals handle who would best fit and who we send to the show. What we don’t like is you not taking our recommendations and then complaining about your choice when you absolutely had to have it your way. Nobody knows our entertainers like we do and with almost 5 stars we obviously care about your experience. Leave it up to us and let us guarantee that you are happy.
  • Do they bring a pole?
    For an additional $150 the entertainer can bring a pressurized pole to your location. This is situational as not every entertainer can make this happen. We recommend booking at least a week ahead for this.
  • If I want to hire a dancer how long will it take for them to arrive?
    We try to get our dancers to you as quickly as possible! Depending on your location and theirs arrival times will vary. If you wish to have an estimate please send a chat message.
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