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What SinCal Party Entertainment Offers

Topless Waiter/Waitress  We hand select our male and female waiter/waitress to represent our agency. We know they provide you with the 5 star service we pride ourselves in having. Bringing your plates to the table, pouring your beverages, taking your plates away and more. We know they will make sure to have sexy meet professional service and guarantee your satisfaction when booking your SinCal Waiter/Waitress. 


Promo Models We make sure our Promo Models are going to excite your party or event and bring you all the right attention. Let our Male or Female Adult Party Entertainment bring your party or event to the next level and guarantee it is remembered. Hot and full of fun energy, our Promo Models will surprise your guests with professionalism and quality. 


Music Video Vixens Hot and capable. Our SinCal Music Video Vixens can freestyle or take the time to walk them through your vision and watch them bring it to life right in front of you. You have put a lot of work into making sure you have the right sound, so hire SinCal Music Video Vixens to make sure your visual enhances your audio!  


Topless/Bikini Poker Dealers It’s Poker night…You need SinCal Poker Dealers to bring your Poker Game what it has been missing. Don’t have another Poker Night without making sure it makes the rest pale in comparison. Our Poker Dealer Temptress’ dealing your hands while you and your crowd try not to get distracted. It’s time to make Poker Night a win for everyone and hire SinCal Poker Dealers for your next Poker Night. 

Club or Bar Appearance(s) We know it can be hard to guarantee your Club or Bar is full of hot girls and hot guys. Let SinCal bring that confidence and book some hot Female and/or Male Entertainment for your event. SinCal Party Entertainment will make sure your spot is known for hot eye candy and sexy dancers. Hire SinCal and know that you will be known for all the right reasons to bring them back again and again.  


Virtual Strip Show Enjoy the Strip Club Experience from your mobile device or any convenient device. Try our Virtrual Strip Shows, SinCal Virtual Strip Shows are the best you can get without enjoying our entertainers in person. We love that we can offer you an experience regardless of your circumstances. Find some time alone and let one of our SinCal Party Strippers bring the Strip Club to your mobile device.

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That's not all! We also offer.....

Fantasy Football (also a package but should have it’s own page. Per hour but on the page link to packages with football options) You worry about your team and let our SinCal ladies bring a new level of excitement and appeal to your draft. Football games have cheerleaders and your Fantasy Football Draft needs SinCal Adult Party Entertainment.  


Bartender Delicious Drinks should be made by a delicious bartender. SinCal Female and Male Bartenders make delicious drinks and they do it while maintaining their own delicious sex appeal. You should always wonder if the beverage or person holding it tastes better. SinCal Party Entertainment enjoys being the flavor you just can’t resist.  


Party Bus Party as a group while traveling to do more partying! SinCal Party Bus Strippers are a great way to upgrade your transportation. Whether you are booking your Party Bus with our help or you are just using our SinCal Party Bus Strippers; we have the experience to make sure you are happy and satisfied that you went with the best. 


 Party Strippers Yes our Party Strippers specialize in providing the most amazing Bachelor and Bachelorette Party Strippers. Our #1 rated agency brings you Party Strippers for all occasions and we have confidence in each of SinCals’ Party Strippers ability to make sure you come back ASAP. SinCal Party Strippers have learned how to make each party or event unique in it’s own way. We want to know who we are celebrating and why so that we can have the girls ready to make sure you remember them but to make sure everyone remembers why they are together in the first place. Bring the house down and order SinCal Party Strippers for a Birthday., Party Strippers for a Divorce Party, Party Strippers for Work Party, Party Strippers for Game Night, Party Strippers for Frat Party, Party Strippers for Sorority Party, Party Strippers for any reason. SinCal Party Strippers called and told you to party!  

Caddy Girls SinCal Caddy Girls are ready to be the good luck to your next Golf Trip adventure. Be the guy that is driven around and served like royalty while everyone looks on in awe and admiration. SinCal Caddy girls are eye candy and enjoyably naughty companions. The only distraction that can be excused because of how tastefully tempting they embody our sexual desires. SinCal Caddy Girls are a must have addition and are only waiting on you to decide you want to hire SinCal Caddy Girls for your next Golf Trip.  


Boats and Hoes  Ahoy Mates! You can count on SinCal to bring the fish to the Sea. Just have our entertainers meet you at the dock and sail away into the sunset. Our party strippers will perform on your party boat as they would anywhere else! Don’t worry if this is a spare of the moment idea. They will arrive with their own ones for you to purchase as well as their own music. Add a topless bartender to keep the drinks flowing and the party going! Add a topless poker dealer when you’d like a little break from the water. (or change of scenery) 

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